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What environmental, social, and economic impacts will hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for shale gas have on the Northern Territory?


10 May 2016

Literature Review by Pauline Cass,

PCass Fracking Review

ECNT’s Annual Report 2017-18

The Environment Centre NT’s Annual Report 2017-18 The Environment Centre NT reports annually on its campaigns, projects and performance. Please use the link below to see ECNT’s Annual Report 2017-18. The Environment Centre NT’s Annual Report 2017-18 The Environment Centre Find out more »

Creekwatch update

Here is an update on what’s been happening with CreekWatch over the last few months. Please feel free to distribute it to anyone in your network who might be interested.…/2016-04-CreekWatch-In-Brief.pdf SAVE THE DATE PLEASE keep 18th June free for Find out more »

Closed-Rainforest to reef

Rainforest to Reef – Calnan 2006

Eucalypts of Northern Australia – SUMMARY REPORT 101214

Eucalypts of Northern Australia: ecological & conservation values – a summary

Rio Tinto and Energy Resources of Australia: Uranium Uncertainty and Radioactive Responsibility

As the window on mining at Ranger closes there is growing concern that Rio Tinto may seek to avoid its near $700 million rehabilitation responsibilities and leave a lasting radioactive hole in the heart of Kakadu National Park.

Reconsidering Ranger: the social, environmental and economic cost of uranium mining in Kakadu

Reconsidering Ranger Report 2014

Submission to referral of Ranger 3 Deeps uranium mine

Submission to the federal Environment Department urging ERA’s proposed Ranger 3 Deeps underground uranium mine inside the World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park be subject to a full Environmental Impact Statement. Ranger 3 Deeps mine EPBCA referral ECNT submission Jan2013

34,000 tonnes of radioactive waste inside Kakadu

34kt of radioactive waste

Twelve Tropical Sea Treasures: Underwater Icons of Northern Australia

Underwater Icons of Northern Australia SOTS Alliance 2011