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Environment Centre NT - protecting nature, living sustainably, creating climate for a change

Our Management Committee

Debora Hall  (Convenor)

Dianna Koser  (Treasurer)

Dominic Nicholls  (Public Officer)

Michael Fonda  (General committee member)

Glen Ewers  (General committee member)

Max Atkinson  (General committee member)

Lloyd Beck  (General committee member)

Robert Mckenzie  (General committee member)

Meghann Everett  (General committee member)

The Environment Centre NT is an important environmental NGO in Northern Australia and the Top End. We are engaged in an amazingly diverse range of activities in defence of the environment. Over the past year we have campaigned against a Territory Government aquifer water extraction policy lacking in transparency and real science, supported the campaign against gas fracking, supported traditional owners opposed to petroleum and gas exploration in Arnhem Land’s near pristine coastal waters, the Muckaty nuclear waste dump and the Ranger mine expansion, opposed damming of the Elizabeth River and upper Adelaide Rivers, galvanized community opposition to “Nightcliff Island”, campaigned on the “Kimberley to Cape” program to protect our unique and important tropical savannah ecosystems and made submissions and comments on a wide range of other environmental issues.

Refuting the old furphy that the environment movement is anti-development, the ECNT was instrumental in organizing an international conference on the possibilities of an undersea high voltage connector to export NT solar generated power to Southeast Asia, organized an environment conference and a workshop on community solar with a view to a start-up of a community owned solar power generator in Darwin, organized community support for the Renewable Energy Target and partnered with other organizations to deliver a two-year, multi-million dollar  low income energy efficiency program (COOLmob Smart Cooling in the Tropics) to Darwin households.