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What can you do about Climate Change?

Talk to others:

Have the discussion, start the debate, plant the seed, spread the word. Most people trust their peers as a reliable source of information, even if its just a place to start. Discuss it with friends, family members, colleagues, friends on the internet, on social media, young, old or in the middle. Discuss it with sceptics, if you can still find any, but don’t waste too much energy on them. It’s the majorities in the middle we really need to rally to action, and every conversation helps.

Be energy efficient:

At home, at work, in transit and on travels. Some easy targets in Darwin are: Stationary energy; reduce or eliminate air conditioner use, or raise the temperature settings to 27 degrees. Car pool or ride your bike to work, Darwin has great bicycle infrastructure. Minimise your air travel, flying has a significant carbon footprint. Holiday closer to home and try to take extended trips to get more value for your carbon mile, rather than that weekend trip to Bali.

Eat smart:

Reduce or eliminate meat and dairy from your diet; land use change for agriculture is a major contributing factor to climate change. Reduce food miles as much as possible; shop and eat local as much as possible, we have great markets in Darwin with lots of local produce. Grow what food you can at home.

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Move your money and/or your super out of banks/companies/institutions that support fossil fuels and climate harming practices. Double your impact by moving it into institutions, investments, banks and super funds that are climate friendly and ethical.


renewable energy technology. Solving the energy problem is a major part of the solution to human induced climate change. Vote for it, lobby for it, ask Jacana Energy for power from it, buy it, buy shares in it, invest some super in it, read about it, learn about it, install some, get behind organisations and business that are installing, using, building and advocating for it.