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NT Short Film "Sugarbag Blues"

In May 2018, the Environment Centre NT was invited by Frank Shadforth to Seven Emu Station to hear about the threat to native bees and the research that is occurring on the pastoral station. The result of the time spent on this magnificent Garawa country is the documentary 'Sugarbag Blues'.


"Sugarbag Blues" documentary highlights a significant risk to bush health - both flora and fauna - due to what Frank suspects is declining pollination of wild flora. He believes a decimation of native bee populations on his country is underway.


As a respected aboriginal leader who was born on the land some 61 years ago Frank is in a unique position to observe and reflect what he is observing on his country. He freely offers his wisdom, richly textured by Indigenous knowledge and culture to warn the broader population of a potentially very significant ecological threat.


Frank is keen to spread his message to schools, ranger groups, researchers and relevant government departments. Please contact us to organise a showing of this powerful documentary.