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Join Media Release Environment Centre NT and Climate Action Darwin, April 17 2018

Fracking decision disastrous for the Territory


The Gunner Government’s decision to allow fracking in the NT sets a disastrous direction for the Territory’s environment, economy and communities which flies in the face of recent moves to create a renewable energy hub in the Territory.

Environment Centre NT Director Shar Molloy said today was a failure of leadership by the NT Government in listening both to the concerns of its own community and leading climate scientists.

“The Gunner Government has shown it will not stand up to pressure from the Federal Government. This will not be a silver bullet solution for the economy. It is likely to be yet another ‘flash in the pan’ industry which will leave a legacy of pollution and destruction.”

Ms Molloy said: “The NT Government has failed its own election promise to consult widely with communities following the release of the Final Report of the Fracking Inquiry. This included the dubious finding of the inquiry that emissions from fracking could be reduced to ‘net zero’.”

“Australia’s most eminent scientists, including Prof Will Steffen of the Climate Council have stated that it a decision to allow fracking in the NT will significantly increase Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Why has the NT Government ignored their advice?”

Climate Action Darwin Co-coordinator Anna Boustead questioned the ability of offsets to effectively cancel out around 25 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. “Offsetting does not solve the climate pollution problem, it just moves the problem along. The pollution still occurs and with it, the warming of our planet. Instead of offsetting we should be focused on cutting our emissions, which is our obligation to ensure future generations inherit a habitable planet.”

“According to the Fracking Inquiry’s own figures, if exploited, shale gas fields will wipe out the emissions savings resulting from the 50% Renewable Energy Target by 40 times.”

“This decision is such a shame when so much great work has already gone towards establishing the Territory as a renewable energy hub. It does not make any sense.”

“Future generations will condemn the NT government for the decision it has made today.”

Contact: Shar Molloy, Director Environment Centre NT, p. 0488 112 350 Anna Boustead, Co-coordinator Climate Action Darwin, p. 0406 145 953