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Frack Free NT Update

Thank you to everyone who has made a call to the offices of Chief Minister Gunner and Minister Vowles in recent weeks to keep up the pressure for a frack free NT. We also launched an action at the banks that are financing the fracking industry across Australia.
The NT Government and the fracking industry admit there are risks and problems with the onshore gas fracking industry, but we’re supposed to swallow the risks for the money. But is there really money in fracking?
Save the Date – Fracking Finance Forum, with Rod Campbell from The Australia Institute
Darwin Rural Area:  Wednesday evening 21 June
Darwin: Tuesday eve 20 June
Rod is an economist with over ten years experience and is the Director of Research at The Australia Institute, an influential think tank, based in Canberra. He has been involved in planning hearings, court cases and political processes relating to mining and energy in all states and territories of Australia. He has economics qualifications from University of Melbourne and Kyoto University and worked as a consultant in Melbourne before joining the Institute in 2013.
Rod has been a key critic of the gas industry and its economic claims. Rod is concerned that the gas industry’s tendency to promise big but deliver little is being repeated in the Northern Territory. The gas industry employs few people, pays little tax and has itself been responsible for the high prices now plaguing eastern Australia. Rod believes the gas industry’s promises to Territorians should be treated with suspicion.

Please save the date to ensure you don’t miss out.  For more information,  send a quick email