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Darwin Joins National Call to stop ADANI

Climate Action Darwin coordinated the Stop Adani Action Day that put together over 80 people at Casuarina Beach last Saturday 7 of October. This event was to call on the Australian Government to stop the proposed Carmichael Coal Mine by Adani Group, which plans to dig the biggest coal mine in the world, to operate for 60 years, sending a whopping 500 coal ships through the Great Barrier Reef each year.

Locals young and old got together to have their say with banners stating “Darwin says #StopAdani: What a Croc!” and “Climate Action Now”.

Event Co-organiser Cath McLeish said; “there are so many environmental and economic reasons to oppose this mine, and people are really frustrated that Queensland and Federal leaders don’t have any better ideas to support real jobs in regional Australia. It’s disgraceful that Queensland Labor is hanging onto overblown job estimates when the independent assessment was only 1500, and risking 69,000 reef tourism-related jobs, risking farmland and clean water into the future.”
Adani is even attracting opposition from mining interests and big banks, as coal is now known to be both highly polluting and a dud investment in a world affected by climate change. This project would release a staggering 4.6 billion tonnes of CO2 over the life of the mine, making the Paris climate goals impossible to meet.
Angering Darwinians is that PM Turnbull and Queensland Premier Annastasia Palaszczuk plan to lend $1 billion of taxpayer funds to Adani for its infrastructure, while federal Labor are sitting on the fence, maintaining that the mine is OK if it can pay for itself. However, with the Adani Group’s record of environmental breaches and international tax evasion, we don’t trust Adani to respect our laws.
Another major concern voiced by families attending  was to ensure that our children can enjoy the Great Barrier Reef in the future. Participants said they felt embarrassed by Australia subsidising coal mining while other countries – China, Germany, Scotland – are going renewable.

For more information and actions please visit the Climate Action Darwin Facebook page and Stop Adani website.

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