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Sandy Creek estuary

Sandy Creek estuary

People value creek catchments because of the aesthetic and recreational benefits they bring to communities, and for the environmental services they provide to the broader landscape.

CreekWatch was a community project hosted by the Environment Centre NT and funded by the NT Environmental Protection Authority.

It commenced in February 2016 when it engaged a Community Reference group to gather community concerns and suggestions for monitoring activities that could improve creek health. It established an independent Scientific Reference Group that considered the community proposals, provided monitoring advice, catchment and land use maps, support documents and networking links. At targeted information sessions with scientists and meetings with land managers and developers, community groups shared information about their concerns and developed networks that could assist them to protect their creek catchments.

The project motivated and empowered community members to monitor aspects of their catchments and report on creek health issues.

At the Meet the Creeks Forum on 18 June, 2016, thirty-five local participants gathered to visit, learn and share their knowledge about three creek catchments: Ludmilla, Sandy and Mitchell Creeks. Most of the participants were experienced land and creek carers, having been involved in advocating for and restoring the health of one or more of the creeks for decades.  At the Forum participants listened to environmental experts, shared information, voiced concerns, and posed solutions to the most concerning threats to creek health.

The primary concern voiced by Forum participants was the need to strengthen protection, zoning, monitoring and enforcement measures to adequately protect the biodiversity and water quality of creek catchments; and for governments at all levels to more actively support and resource the protection of catchments.

CreekWatch sent a call to strengthen protection measures to adequately protect creek catchments to 46 NT election candidates asking for any commitment they can make to further the protection of creek catchments.

CreekWatch communities are keen to see active support for catchment protection from the newly elected NT Government.

Click the links below for the CreekWatch Project Final Report and the Community Recommendations.

2016 08 10 ECNT CreekWatch to Election Candidates

2016 09 21 ECNT CreekWatch Project Report

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