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Nature Territory

Updates on Nature Territory campaigns and programs

Field Guide to Wildlife of the Top End

Our fantastic new Field Guide to Wildlife of the Top End is around 80% written, and now we are seeking your support to finalise this invaluable resource. Can you help? Donations are tax deductible. We aim to finish the text Find out more »

Maria Island

Save Maria Island

The Environment Centre NT welcomes the announcement in March 2012 by the Territory Government to declare Maria Island as part of Limmen National Park. This is great news for the Territory and a strategic conservation outcome for Australia’s Top End. Find out more »

Tiwi logging

Tiwi Forestry

Twenty six thousand hectares of beautiful tall eucalypt forests were cleared on Melville Island, the largest of the Tiwi Islands, from 2001-2007 for a forestry plantation using the exotic weed Acacia mangium. But the plantation is a financial failure, and is causing Find out more »

Tourists on rocks at Ubirr

Protected Areas

Protected areas are the cornerstone of biodiversity conservation efforts worldwide. They are intended to be managed to conserve threatened species, wildlife, habitats and entire ecosystems, plus provide for public enjoyment and enable Indigenous people to care for Country. Through its Find out more »

Northern quoll

Save Our Mammals

Small and medium sized mammals have been going extinct across millions of hectares of Northern Australia’s tropical savannas over the past three decades or more. This rapid loss of our precious wildlife is a strong indictment on the management of Find out more »

Alumina pollution Gove ship loader

Stronger Laws

The lack of strong and modern laws in the Territory for regulating mining, oil and gas, other heavy industry and pollution has been highlighted in recent years by pollution incidents and poor decisions. Our laws are out of date, highly Find out more »

Man standing in front of paddock full of gamba grass


The Environment Centre NT is working to prevent the introduction of new weeds into the Territory, urging the strategic eradication of infestations, seeking stronger weed management laws and compliance enforcement, and much greater support for on-ground management. Weeds, or invasive Find out more »

Daly River

Nature Territory

The Territory is renowned for its big rivers full of barramundi and crocodiles, its vast deserts and woodlands that are home to unique and amazing wildlife, and its shallow seas are a refuge for dugong and sea turtles. Globally significant Find out more »

cleared land

Land clearing

The Environment Centre NT is working hard to stop major land clearing in the Territory and create a strong new Native Vegetation Management Act that places tight caps on the area of land approved for clearing each year. After a Find out more »

water lilly flower

Living Rivers

The Territory’s amazing free-flowing rivers are precious assets that should be legally protected from major land clearing and water extraction, dams, invasive species and mining. The Environment Centre NT is seeking strong legal protection for rivers to ensure their ecological, Find out more »