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Environment Centre NT - protecting nature, living sustainably, creating climate for a change

Green Living

Updates on Green Living campaigns and programs


Green Living

Every one of us can do something to live more sustainably. And at the Environment Centre NT we are helping Territorians do just that. In the Top End, living sustainably means working with the tropical climate. It can mean building Find out more »

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Top End Sustainable Living Festival

The Environment Centre NT hosted the first-ever Top End Sustainable Living Festival in June 2010 at the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens, in association with the Tropical Garden Spectacular. The Festival attracts thousands of people who come for information, inspiration Find out more »



We’re partnering with the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens to investigate creating a sustainable living precinct based around the existing Ecohouse and permaculture plots in the Gardens. Our vision is to work with Gardens staff and community members to create Find out more »

Plastic bag rubbish.

Plastic Bag Ban

We support the Territory Government’s ban on the sale of single use, lightweight plastic bags. This came into effect on 1 September 2011 and will help reduce litter and the threats to marine wildlife such as sea turtles, which are Find out more »

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Cash for Containers

We support the Territory Government’s plans for a Container Deposit System in the Territory to reduce litter, increase recycling and green the economy. Territorians will receive a 10 cent refund on many different types of bottles, cans and cardboard drink Find out more »